These are the movies I liked, though not necessarily in order of preference. Some common favorites are omitted - has everyone seen Animal House, and the old Jmes Bonds with Sean Connery? Movies in bold I liked more... Let me know if I've missed anything good.

Check IMDB for cinema and cultural reference.

  1. Like Water for Chocolate
  2. Cool Hand Luke - "What we got here is... failure to communicate."
  3. Planes, Trains and Automobiles - Watch it for Thanksgiving
  4. Casablanca (heard somewhere that Ron Reagan was originally wanted for the lead)
  5. Apocalypse now - see the uncut version if you have time
  6. Full Metal Jacket
  7. Doctor Stranglove
  8. Cinderella Liberty
  9. Yentl
  10. Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
  11. Jaws
  12. ET - if you don't cry you're an et..
  13. Raiders and all the Indiana Jones flicks
  14. Star Wars
  15. The Pianist
  16. Nanook of the North
  17. Madegascar - The second one was also good
  18. Platoon - "Ever'body know, the poor are always being screwed over by the rich. Always have, always will."
  19. Wall Street (Oliver Stone made a few good movies)
  20. Sleeper (Woody Allen)
  21. Vicki Christina Barcelona
  22. Manhattan
  23. Annie Hall
  24. Antz
  25. Boyz in the 'Hood - Cuba Gooding does a good job here
  26. Sounder
  27. Young Frankenstein - Madeline Kahn arrives well into the second half to steal the show - "Woof"
  28. Space Balls, The Movie
  29. History of the World, Part One
  30. Letters form Iwo Jima (there are a few good Clint Eastwood movies)
  31. Mystic River
  32. A Perfect World
  33. No Way Out - Kevin Costner's comimg out movie
  34. Fast Times at Ridgmont High
  35. Southpark, The Movie
  36. Ghostbusters - one and two
  37. Office Space
  38. The gods Must be Crazy
  39. Men in Black - the second was good too
  40. The Godfather - both one and two
  41. Taxi Driver
  42. The Deer Hunter
  43. Mars Attacks
  44. The Manchurian Candidate - the original with Frank by the Central Park Boat House
  45. The 49th ParallelA Canadian WWII propaganda movie
  46. Woman in the Dunes (1964)
  47. Lost in Translation
  48. Groundhog Day
  49. Munich (this is a remake of the "Sword of Gideon", also gripping)
  50. When Harry Met Sally
  51. Kissing Jesica Stein
  52. Dunkirk
  53. Angry Birds
  54. Airplane
  55. Checkpoint (a documentary about crossing the border between Israel and the occupied territories)
  56. Paper Moon (Ryan O'Neal's last good one.)
  57. Still Alice
  58. Bad News Bears - the orignal with Tatum and Walter.
  59. Greyhound
  60. St Vincent
  61. Don't Look up
  62. Marriage Story - Well written and well acted.
  63. This Is 40 - Hysterical